A Guide to Stylish Hairdos for Women

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Having shoulder-length hair is the desire of many women. This hair length is considered suitable because it is not too short and not too long, but it can still be styled nicely. If you are an active person, you will usually tie or style shoulder-length hair. Moreover, entering this new normal era, you have to keep your hair in order to limit the possibility of spreading the coronavirus. In what way? Tied up of course. Don’t worry, we’ve got 8 recommended a guide to stylish hairdos for women

Roll Up The Bandana

Do you have a bandana? This fashion item can be very useful to help tie the hair. You can try curling your hair in a bandana like this. To do this, first tie a bandana around your hair, then tuck the rest of the hair by rolling it into the bandana.

Come Down Below

Wow, this is one of my favorite hairstyles because it’s easy to do and neat. Just pull your hair out under the nape of your head, then combine it with cute scrunchies.


Often referred to as a ponytail, this ponytail method is perfect for owners of shoulder-length hair. Easy and quick to do, this style can also make you look slimmer and slimmer, you know.

Tie The Middle

If you have shoulder length hair that is thick enough, this method is perfect for you. You can take the top section of hair and leave a little hair at the bottom before tying the middle hair. So feminine!

Low Ponytail Semi Braid

If previously we gave recommendations for a high enough horse hairdo, you can also try a low ponytail that starts at the nape of the head. However, to make it more beautiful, you can roll the sides of the hair and tie it with a scarf.

Braid Two

Do you remember the two braid models you probably used as a child? When I had long hair as a child, my mother used to make this hairstyle. Now braids are no longer synonymous with children’s hairstyles, because shoulder-length hair owners can also try them.

High Up-Do

Not only the bottom bun, you can also try this charming and easy to do top bun. To keep the hair in place, you can use a bobby pin.

Messy Bun

Do you have a hurricane pincer alias? This is probably one of the must-have hair accessories for shoulder length hair owners. If you are busy and do not have time, you can tie your hair and pin it in this bun. Tricks to stay stylish? Choose jedai with unique motifs and designs.