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How to Choose Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons

Finding a beauty salon that fits our expectations is very difficult. For example, for a haircut, You shouldn’t try salons that you don’t know a reputation for. One haircut could leave you in a bad mood for months! Therefore, the search for a salon that suits our style never ends. So, here are some tips for finding a salon that you can use as a mainstay when you need beauty treatments.

Reputation Check

We recommend that you choose a salon from the recommendations of the closest person. Some salons get their true customers by word of mouth. If you can’t get a recommendation from someone close to you, you can search the internet and choose a salon with a high rating.

However, what you need to know, the experience of each person can be different. So, you can only use these recommendations as input, not an objective assessment.

Pay Attention To The Cleanliness Of The Salon

The first thing you need to pay attention to when entering a new salon is cleanliness. A high-quality salon emphasizes hygiene. Starting from furniture, hair washing equipment, and so on. This cleanliness is also an indicator that salon managers always try to make their customers feel very comfortable while there.

Have A Professional Stylist

When you are looking for a salon that matches your expectations, look for one that has a stylist who is indeed a professional. Better yet, if you can find a stylist that fits your style. Browse salons that offer professional and you can start “shopping stylist” until you find one that suits your style.

Starting From Simple Maintenance

So that you are not disappointed at the beginning, do a trial run by doing simple maintenance, for example, a cream bath. With a cream bath, you can judge from the product side, the quality of massage on the shoulders and head, and the duration of the treatment. Avoid doing treatments that will give you extreme changes to your appearance, such as getting your hair cut, dyeing your hair, or smoothing it.

Identify The Product Used

A salon that uses quality products will definitely produce maximum care. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of expensive products, as long as these products have passed the BPOM. Get to know and find out more about the products they use and their benefits.

Happy hunting salon!…

How to Choose The Right Makeup Brush

Makeup Brush

Makeup brush has a lot of types and types, ranging from shapes, sizes, materials, to their functions. Because of this, many women who feel confused should choose what kind of brush.

Besides being able to produce flawless face makeup, the right and quality makeup brushes will last longer and are also safe for the skin. So, don’t get me wrong, there are a few tips on choosing the right and quality makeup brushes.

Choose The Type Of Makeup Brush As Needed

Different makeup products, different types of brushes needed. Like a flat brush that you can choose to apply foundation or powder. So you get smoother results

Pay Attention To The Ingredients Of The Makeup Brush Bristles

Usually, makeup brushes sold on the market are made of two types namely, natural bristle and synthetic bristle. Both, of course, have different effects. Both in terms of softness and makeup produced. Usually, many people prefer a brush with natural ingredients because it is softer on the skin.

Use The Right Size Brush

Aside from the brush bristles, it is also important to pay attention to the brush size and material. A quality brush will have a sturdy handle with the right size

If you have sensitive skin, you should always pay attention to beauty products. That is used on the face so as not to cause breakout or irritation. Keep in mind that natural brush ingredients can also cause irritation, allergies, to breakout.

So, if you have sensitive skin, you can switch to using a synthetic brush that will be safer and minimize side effects.

Buy Strong From The Official Seller

You should make sure the makeup shop that you buy. In order to get makeup and makeup tools that are good and quality. Official stores also guarantee good service so you don’t have to worry about getting fake goods.

Those are some ways to choose a good makeup brush. You use it as a reference before buying makeup brushes. good luck…