What Is The Real Definition Of Beauty?


Many people think that being beautiful is only about face shape, skin color, and body shape. Even though the definition of beauty is actually more than just appearance, there are many things that make you look beautiful even without being visible to the eye. So, here are 7 signs that you are a truly beautiful woman.

1. Comfortable Being Yourself

One sign that you are beautiful is feeling good about being yourself. Let people love you with the looks and attitude that you really have, without having to be someone else to love.

2. Have Confidence

There is nothing more attractive than being a confident woman. You dare to show your true identity without being afraid to think about what other people will think. No need to be afraid to be different because that’s the charm you have.

3. Have Your Own Passion

Every time you tell a dream, you will definitely feel burning, and when you do a hobby or job that you like, you will definitely do it with enthusiasm. By focusing on the goals you have, you will unconsciously release the passion that makes you look naturally beautiful.

4. Have a sincere heart

Real beauty is in yourself. If you do things sincerely without expecting anything from others and always be a positive person, your beauty will automatically shine forth from within you.

5. Smart and Open-Minded

It cannot be denied, a woman who has broad insight does have more charm that can give off an aura of beauty. Especially if you are someone who is open-minded who do not hesitate to accept the views of others who are different from you.

6. Happy with His Own Life

The sign that truly defines you as beautiful is happiness. When you feel happy, your beauty will shine through the smile you give. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being a positive person and always enjoying life regardless of the obstacles so that you feel happier.…

How to Choose a Good Body Lotion

Body Lotion
Body Lotion is a skin beauty product that functions to moisturize the skin and prevent the skin from becoming dry. The use of body lotion is very important, by using body lotion our skin will be protected from UVA and UVB rays which can cause the skin to darken, then how to choose body lotion that is good and suits your skin type? , well in this article we will try to discuss it

By using the right body lotion, we can maintain the health and moisture of the skin, therefore we must choose a body lotion according to our skin type. Women or men who have dry skin types certainly need more help from moisturizers such as lotions, compared to other skin types. Choosing the right lotion for the skin is actually not that difficult, it is enough to adjust to the type and ingredients of the product composition. Here are some tips and how to choose a body lotion that is good and right for the skin:

Body Lotion For Normal Skin

The type that needs the least attention and care is not too difficult in choosing a body lotion. Even so, that does not mean it should be neglected. It is suitable to use a light lotion. Although it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, a little moisture from the lotion can make this type of skin look perfect. We can choose a body lotion that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid to brighten or maintain your bright skin.

Body Lotion For Dry Skin

This skin type will usually have problems when the rainy season arrives. When choosing a body lotion for this skin type, choose a lotion that is rich in moisturizers. To combat cold air, buy lotions that contain glycerin, alpha hydroxy acid, and some lanolin. Ingredients that are suitable for dry skin include body lotion which has high oil content which is usually made from olive oil, lanolin, shea butter, petroleum. When the temperature gets warm, replace it with a light moisturizer suitable for summer.

Body Lotion For Oily Skin

It may look wet at first glance and do not need moisturizer. This type of skin requires a light moisturizer but is free of oil content. There are many choices for choosing a body lotion for this skin type, so you don’t need to worry. The number one treatment remains for healthy skin. Choose a body lotion that contains alcohol to remove excess oil on the skin of the body.

Body Lotion For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is usually characterized by a sudden change in skin type, for example, from dry to oily skin. This type of skin cannot be treated with any product because it can cause allergies. In addition, sensitive skin darkens easily due to UV rays. Choosing the right body lotion for this skin type is to choose a body lotion containing chamomile, pomegranate, licorice root extract, and green tea.

Choosing a body lotion carefully and according to our skin type is very important so that the benefits are felt and do not cause an uncomfortable feeling when using it. May be useful…

How to Choose Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons

Finding a beauty salon that fits our expectations is very difficult. For example, for a haircut, You shouldn’t try salons that you don’t know a reputation for. One haircut could leave you in a bad mood for months! Therefore, the search for a salon that suits our style never ends. So, here are some tips for finding a salon that you can use as a mainstay when you need beauty treatments.

Reputation Check

We recommend that you choose a salon from the recommendations of the closest person. Some salons get their true customers by word of mouth. If you can’t get a recommendation from someone close to you, you can search the internet and choose a salon with a high rating.

However, what you need to know, the experience of each person can be different. So, you can only use these recommendations as input, not an objective assessment.

Pay Attention To The Cleanliness Of The Salon

The first thing you need to pay attention to when entering a new salon is cleanliness. A high-quality salon emphasizes hygiene. Starting from furniture, hair washing equipment, and so on. This cleanliness is also an indicator that salon managers always try to make their customers feel very comfortable while there.

Have A Professional Stylist

When you are looking for a salon that matches your expectations, look for one that has a stylist who is indeed a professional. Better yet, if you can find a stylist that fits your style. Browse salons that offer professional and you can start “shopping stylist” until you find one that suits your style.

Starting From Simple Maintenance

So that you are not disappointed at the beginning, do a trial run by doing simple maintenance, for example, a cream bath. With a cream bath, you can judge from the product side, the quality of massage on the shoulders and head, and the duration of the treatment. Avoid doing treatments that will give you extreme changes to your appearance, such as getting your hair cut, dyeing your hair, or smoothing it.

Identify The Product Used

A salon that uses quality products will definitely produce maximum care. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of expensive products, as long as these products have passed the BPOM. Get to know and find out more about the products they use and their benefits.

Happy hunting salon!…

How To Choose Safe Beauty Products

Choosing beauty products takes time to see whether our skin’s reaction is suitable or not. Often feel tired because of changing products and never find the right product. This time I will help you find the right product. Here are 5 tips that you should consider before you try a beauty product.

Analysis Of The Content Of Beauty Products

Although seeing reviews and testimonials are very tempting. But believe that everyone has different skin reactions. Not necessarily products that are suitable for use by other people will work on your skin too.

Not All Skin Types Can Use Natural Ingredients

Many of us think that natural beauty products are better than those containing chemicals. In fact, not all skin types can use natural ingredients. So, before making a choice, we should know your skin type and skin problems. Ladies!

Don’t Just Focus on Price

Comparing prices when trying to choose beauty products is a natural thing. However, often many people immediately assume that the more expensive the price of the product, the more guaranteed its quality.

Even though it’s back again, the product is perfect! Maybe you can try from a product at an affordable price first

Be Careful With Beauty Products

Usually when we find beauty products that are claimed to have quite a lot of benefits. We are often tempted to try. Practically become one of the reasons why we choose the product. We better choose a product that only focuses on addressing one skin problem.

Adjust To Skin Type

The first thing you must do is find out the type of facial skin. Basically, that type of skin consists of normal skin, dry skin, and oily skin.

For those of you who have normal skin types, the treatment is fairly easy because this type is neither dry nor oily, so look for skincare products specifically for normal skin.…

Reasons Why to Care About Self Beauty

 Self BeautyWhether you agree or not, taking care of self beauty is essential. It doesn’t mean that we must follow the beauty standard in society. This way is more about how we respect ourselves. Every woman has her treatment to maintain their self beauty. You can’t make a standardization as shown on beauty product advertisements. However, when we know how to do it for ourselves, there will be some benefits to get.


It Lends to Confidence


Those who are keeping their self beauty would be more confident. No more hesitation, especially when dealing with others. You will be much more comfortable with yourself, even in the largest group. It’s very different from those who don’t feel good about themselves, and they generally tend to avoid more substantial groups.


Be more Positive about Life


Knowing how to take care of our beauty would affect not only the outside but also the inside. You are as a human being would be more positive about life. Of course, it’s imperative to make our relationship with others better.


Doing Something Meaningful


When you feel beautiful, you are more likely to do something meaningful in your life and your time. In other words, you can stop fussing about things like days with lousy hair, dark circles, waist, or anything that worries you. When you feel beautiful, you rarely go to boutiques and salons and go to more places that allow you to relax and enjoy life until the last drop. Free time makes you do things you like which give happiness and self-esteem.


Become an Optimistic Person


At one time, you were too afraid to lose someone who didn’t care about you. You are also sure that love is difficult to understand. But, when you feel beautiful, you will begin to believe that the right time will come. You will not lie there sulking, not safe because you will end up as a lonely spinster.

Feeling beautiful makes you always think you have the opportunity to connect. Women who feel beautiful are naturally more optimistic and fair. This person is generally convinced of the grand plans of life and believes in destiny. These people are happy with what is offered in life and therefore naturally increase self-confidence and happiness.