Buy Makeup At The Right Beauty Shop

Beauty ShopWe should be more careful about choosing a beauty shop. There are many beauty shops and cosmetics counters from malls to traditional markets.

Not to mention the beauty shop that sells through its social media accounts. Must be a lot right? or maybe you are the one who often beauty shop online. pay attention to these things so that you do not buy wrong

Go To A Beauty Shop On An Ordinary Day

You should go to a beauty shop on a normal day avoid on weekends. Usually when we shop in the morning or at noon will get the full attention of the beauty shop guard on duty. So, you can consult better than during the weekend.

Come To The Beauty Shop When Healthy Face Conditions

Usually when our faces are dry or chapped lips, usually shopkeepers offer care products. Although our intention is only to buy beauty blender, eyeliner, if there is a problem in the skin, the shopkeeper will make sure that you need care products. Usually, women will be trapped and buy products that are not necessarily suitable. So we should be more careful!

Look at the Makeup Shopkeeper

The storekeeper usually wears makeup equipment from his company and represents the brand in question. We should see the cosmetics shop keepers with skin color similar to ours. If the product is not good when used by shopkeepers we should rethink buying cosmetic products. Because the same thing can happen when you wear it.

Bring Wet Wipes

Cosmetics in the window or sample contains a lot of bacteria and germs. Because it is held by many people every day. If necessary, bring a wet tissue to wipe and remove the cosmetic sample you are trying. Some cosmetic counters provide tissue, but it never hurts to bring your own.

Say It Clearly And Precisely

The job of the storekeeper is to sell the product, as much as possible. Then they will offer many products. It is important for us to provide information on skin types, problems that are often faced, colors that we like. All that information will make it easier for the storekeeper to provide the appropriate product.

Now you can shop in a beauty shop carefully and safely. Remember ladies, buy what you need and don’t waste it. Happy shopping 🙂…

Natural Beauty Tips Without Make Up

Beauty Tips

Women often even spend money on expensive cosmetics, in order to look beautiful. But do you know ladies? Look beautiful do not have to always wear beauty products with prices instead. True beauty actually comes from within you. Here are beauty tips that are easy and simple

The First Beauty Tips Is A Lot of Consumption of Water

Water has important content to cleanse the skin naturally. In addition, water is also useful for removing all types of toxins that enter your body, friend. By drinking water regularly, our bodies will be well hydrated. Skin looks bright and attractive

Let The Skin Breathe

The second beauty tip is not to use thick makeup on an ongoing basis. If we often do this it will make our facial skin difficult breathing.

These habits are not very good for the health of our skin, friends. And it is not impossible the skin will experience problems such as acne and premature aging. So ladies, limit the use of makeup. Use cosmetics only as needed.

Change Lipstick With Lip Balm

Beautiful lips do not have to be polished thick lipstick lo ladies. Even if we don’t use lipstick, we can still look beautiful. Try to use a natural moisturizer for our lips to look more natural. Lip moisturizer works to treat and keep our lips soft and supple.

The Next Beauty Tips Are Too Clean The Face

We should avoid using harsh soaps when washing your face, ladies. In addition, do not wash your face too often with soap because it can eliminate the moisture of our skin. We should use natural ingredients to clean the face

Do Regular Exercise

Regular exercise in addition to making the body healthy also improves blood circulation and refreshes the face. So take the time to exercise at least once a week, the body will be healthy and well-groomed. Remember, being healthy is beautiful!

Use Sunscreen

There are still many of us who think trivially the bad effects of sunlight because the effects are not seen directly. But in the long run, your skin will suffer damage from UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to our skin. So, do not miss the use of sunscreen for your face and body every day, yes!

Get Enough Rest

If we hope to have beautiful skin and wrinkle-free if we sleep less. Enough sleep is useful to relieve stress and restore energy after activities throughout the day. With enough sleep, the production of collagen which functions for healthy skin will also be normal for ladies.

The Last Beauty Tips Is Eat Healthily Consumption

This is the most important beauty tips for ladies. Eating healthy foods should be accustomed early on. Healthy food also doesn’t have to be expensive. It is advisable to consume lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients and vitamins. In addition, you can also consume foods with other balanced nutrition such as fish, meat, or milk.

Well, ladies, that’s natural beauty tips without complicated? You don’t need to bother with thick and expensive makeup. Do not forget to always maintain a clean body from head to toe. Because clean is healthy and beautiful.